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At Orthotic House We Believe That... PDF Print E-mail
  • You, our client, are the most important person, in person, by phone and email
  • You are not dependant on us, we are dependant on you
  • You are not an interruption of our work, you are the purpose of it
  • We are not doing you a favour by serving you, you are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.
Colin Storey PDF Print E-mail

ColinI have over 30 years of extensive experience in the Orthotic industry, with 26 of these years spent servicing the Waikato area. Being a third generation 'Storey' orthotist, I get great satisfaction from helping my clients' lead active lives through the aid of orthoses. Although my speciality is paediatrics, I enjoy assisting all people and encourage natural mobility. Problem solving is my passion and I strive to get to the bottom of any niggle no matter how big or small. Warning - I come with a sense of humour! 


Janeen Laimbeer PDF Print E-mail

JaneenIn 2006, Colin and I started Orthotic House. While employed as Practice Manager with another orthotics company Colin trained me in the measuring and fitting of compression clothing as some female clients preferred to be seen by a female rather that the male orthotists. When we formed Orthotic House it was a natural progression for me to continue with the compression training by completing courses run by the companies that now provide me with their garments.

From there I moved onto training in the measuring and fitting of breast protheses and bras. It can be a very daunting time for ladies following their breast surgery making decisions regarding breast prostheses and bra’s.  In the privacy of my consulting room I am able to help ladies with these decisions. I stock the very feminine range of “Anita” and “Trulife Naturalwear” products and also import the “Nearly Me” range from the States.  I am registered with the NZ Ministry of Health as a provider of this service so there is no initial financial outlay, I invoice the Ministry directly.

Outside the office I enjoy spending time with family and friends. The family part consists of my husband two sons, their partners and four beautiful grandchildren (not that I am biased in any way). We have three classic cars and enjoy getting away on the various trips that the clubs we belong to organize. 

Give me a call to arrange a time to have a no obligation chat and see what is available for you. 


Kerry Vickers PDF Print E-mail

KerryI joined the team at Orthotic House as a part-time Orthotist in 2007. I am a registered orthotist with the national body NZOPA and endeavor to attend any training and education opportunities that arise to keep my skills and knowledge current. My initial training was done at Waikato Hospital under the supervision of Colin’s father, Harold Storey. On my return to Orthotics it was pleasing to see a real progression in attitude and the products available to our clients. I believe our team here at Orthotic House stay in touch with the latest ideas and are focused on providing knowledge and a service pertinent to our clients personnel requirements.

I had a break from Orthotics and in that time my husband and I farmed 1600 acres in the King Country and raised a family of two daughters and two sons. On my days away from Orthotic house I am a volunteer Ambulance Officer in Te Awamutu. My spare time is spent with family and friends enjoying the outdoors, playing soccer and fishing.


See the range of services our team can assit you with.

Testimonials PDF Print E-mail

Nigel Hendrikse - Hamilton

 In 1993, whilst on duty as a Policeman in Gisborne, I suffered a stab injury to my spinal cord. As a result of this injury one of my difficulties I face is weakness and lack of control in my right leg. In order for me to walk safely, ACC funds the modification of shoes for me.

 For the last 10 years, Orthotist Colin Storey has looked after my footwear needs. In order to stabilise my ankle, it is vital that the calliper mechanism is designed and constructed precisely to avoid soft tissue damage to my leg.

Colin and the team at Orthotic House go to extreme lengths to find the aids that best suit my condition. Currently my footwear is imported from the USA, and modified in Hamilton. The team are friendly, punctual and very competent. I look forward to them satisfying my special footwear needs for many years.

Lyllian Rose Sorenson - Hamilton

I have struggled for many years with unsatisfactory footwear from another source but from the moment I walked in the door of Orthotic House I received excellent care. The staff are always friendly, professional and helpful, and nothing is too much trouble. I am on cloud nine! It's wonderful to have some shoes that actually fit me, are comfortable and I can walk in without discomfort.

Alison Mallett - Hamilton

My 7 year old daughter Isabel has mild Cerebal Palsy and has been wearing splints/AFO's on both legs since she was a toddler.  In all the time we have used the services of Colin and Janeen at Orthotic House.

Isabel has new splints made a couple of times a year and has also had night splints and shoe inserts developed for her. I have always found the staff to be efficient, knowledgeable and helpful, and they have always delivered a great product as promised.

It can sometimes be difficult to convince a small child that it's OK to wear splints but Colin's personality makes him a great professional to deal with. Isabel actually looks forward to seeing him when new splints are to be made!

The team are always warm and welcoming and as a parent I appreciate how well they listen and advise me on the best options for my daughter.

I have no hesitation in recommending their service as I am sure they are the best in the Waikato.


Over 38 Years Experience

38 Years Experience