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Orthotics are external support devices made for many parts of the body (not just the feet). We specialise in four areas including compression clothing, footwear, breast care, and sports bracing. Products can be customised for your needs, unlike the ones purchased off-the-shelf.


Customised footwear does not have to threaten your fashion sense anymore with our range of stylish brands including Dr. Comfort. We have available a variety of footwear in store or we can custom make to your requirements. We specialise in finding the right fit for the difficult foot be it bunions, ingrown toenails, calluses, feet with extra width and depth especially suitable for the diabetic and rheumatoid foot. Socks with support and cushioning in problem areas are also available. We correctly fit your with footwear by assessing your lifestyle, activities, occupation and hobbies.

What you can expect from your visit to Orthotic House

Although you can visit our office at any time it is preferable for your first consultation to arrange an appointment with our orthotists.

On your first visit the following points will be covered in detail:

  • Your medical condition relating to your orthotic needs will be discussed
  • Your feet and gait will be assessed
  • Your foot will be correctly measured
  • Your footwear requirements will also be discussed taking into consideration your medical condition and lifestyle. It is a good idea to bring a selection of your footwear to show the orthotist what you would normally wear
  • You will be shown different types of footwear that would be appropriate for you to wear – and given advice as to what to look for if shopping for footwear in a retail outlet
  • If you require an innersole in some instances an ‘off the shelf’ product may be appropriate for you
  • If you require a custom innersole, a mould or cast will be taken of your foot. These will take approximately ten working days to be finished before we fit them into your footwear. It is sometimes necessary to make small alterations to these as you get used to wearing them. There is no charge for these alterations. The life expectancy of your custom innersoles is 6-18 months depending on your lifestyle
  • You will receive a follow up phone call from us at regular intervals to ensure you are getting the most from your footwear and orthotics
  • To give you an indication of costs, our extra depth and width footwear ranges from $150.00-$275.00 + consultation. The innersoles range from $85.00-$250.00 depending on your requirements. All costs will be discussed during your consultation.
  • When you leave our rooms you will have a good understanding of your condition, your requirements and also what we can do to help you. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any part of the service please contact Janeen Laimbeer at our office who will listen to your concerns and help resolve any problems you may have.

Compression Clothing

Our compression clothing is available as stock items or can be custom made to your requirements. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us, we are available to discuss any of your requirements at any time.

The Benefits of Compression Clothing

Improved circulation:

  • Your body responds to "being compressed" by pumping more blood with greater force. This improves circulation and increases flow of oxygen and nutrients into your muscles
  • Worn during long flights, compression leggings and travel socks help to reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) caused by pooling of blood in the lower legs
  • Wearing compression clothing after exercise keeps the blood pumping, removing lactic acid and other bi-products from your system at a faster rate. This aids in reducing muscle soreness and recovery time.

Temperature control:

  • Compression clothing efficiently removes perspiration from the skin.  This is achieved by the use of moisture wicking fabrics and the garments tight fitting nature. In turn, helping to regulate core temperature while preventing chafing and rashes.
  • During exercise, compression wear can actually reduce the amount you sweat - keeping you hydrated for longer.

Reduced Muscle Damage:

  • By holding muscles secure, compression clothing decreases muscle oscillation (micro damage caused by movement on impact).
  • It reduces the build up of Creatine kinase which is an indicator of muscle tissue damage. The therapeutic fabrics improve recovery time as they provide greater pressure leading to faster muscle repair.

Increased Proprioception (Helping your body to know where it is in space):

  • By having a garment that is effectively a second skin you are heightening these senses.  This is achieved through the contact with the skin and the elastic properties of the fabric.
Compression Clothing Travel SocksCompression ClothingCompression Clothing Arm Sleeve

Sports Bracing

We have the skills and experience to assess a range of sporting issues and can fit bracing for both prevention and post injury recovery. Again we assess your lifestyle, size, activity and level of injury/disability. We also provide advice on body protection and the most suitable bracing for high risk impact sports such as motorcross, rugby and equestrian. 

Having access to many brands means we can provide you with competitive pricing options.

Keeping you in the game!

Breast Care

A common side-effect of breast surgery is lymphodema. Wearing correctly-fitted breast forms and compression clothing can help relieve symptoms and enhance feeling of wellbeing. Click here to visit our Breast Care info page.



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