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Grey Power September 2012 - What is Orthotic's? PDF Print E-mail

Orthotics involves several areas of support for the body including skeletal alignment, assessment of gait, fitting of callipers, sports bracing, and advice on footwear for people who suffer from illnesses like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.

Colin, Janeen and Kerry at Orthotic House are passionate about helping clients improve their quality of life by providing a large range of footwear, insoles and orthoses to help them live an active life without debilitating pain.

Colin and Kerry are both NZOPABC accredited members and have more than 40 years experience between them.

Orthotic House stock the “Dr Comfort” range of footwear that is excellent for the difficult to fit foot.  These shoes have the extra width and depth that is essential for people suffering from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hammer toes, bunions or anyone who has trouble purchasing footwear because of the width of their foot.  Also available is the “Orthoheel” range of products as seen on television.

While Orthotic House can fit patients with off-the-shelf insoles, many are custom-made, using a mould of the patient's foot, and constructed especially for you.  

For people with vein or circulation problems, there is a large range of compression garments for lower and upper limbs.  If you are lucky enough to be traveling overseas you should check out the range of travel socks.

Janeen specialises in mastectomy products, breast forms and bras and is a registered provider with the Ministry of Health.  In the privacy of her consulting room  you will be able to select products from the “Anita”,”Nearly Me” and the “Trulife Naturalwear” range of products

Owners Colin and Janeen, say if you are unsure if they can help just telephone them or call into the clinic and see them, the staff are super friendly and can offer great advice.

Published: Grey Power Magazine September 2012

Proud to be a preferred orthotic provider for the Rugby World Cup

Our team of experts are on hand during these eventful months of September and October to provide advice for footwear, compression clothing and sport's bracing to those in need.

Also a big thank you to those who showed their support at the Waikato Health and Disability Expo 2012. A great two days out in the community.

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