Pediatric Orthotics

Is your child missing out on fun activities because of persistent pain?

For children, nothing compares to the joy of an active lifestyle – it’s essential for their overall growth and happiness. But unfortunately, obstacles can pop up that prevent kids from experiencing this natural journey.

As your child grows and happily explores the world, it’s critical to be mindful of any signs of physical discomfort. By recognising these early on, you can ensure a playful childhood where your little one experiences complete freedom!

At Orthotic House, our specialists work with other medical professionals to give your child the best possible care. Our orthotic solutions provide an effective avenue for gentle treatment explicitly tailored to your youngster in need.

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Baby Head Shaping Helmet Specialists

Worried about the shape of your baby's head?

Although infants’ heads often reshape naturally, an undetected flat spot may necessitate intervention.

Early detection is critical to ensuring that your baby’s skull returns to normal shape without difficulty.

Find out how Orthotic House can help.

Ankle-Foot Orthosis - AFO

For young children with developmental delay, cerebral palsy, spina bifida or hypertonia, an ankle-foot orthosis can be a valuable tool in their journey to reach alignment and better posture.

By providing extra support around the ankle area, these braces can help children find improved balance as they continue learning how to stay upright while reducing pain caused by poor walking patterns. They are also used to maintain joint alignment and to help reduce spasticity.

Worn with footwear, these versatile braces offer soothing relief by gently wrapping around your child’s lower leg and foot!

We know how special it is for kids to feel confident and stylish when they step out, which is why we provide a large selection of customised AFO’s that are sure to have your little one looking their best no matter where the day takes them!

AFO Footwear

Children wearing AFO's need footwear that is both stylish and functional.

The perfect shoes will have a wide or extra wide silhouette, deep toe boxes to provide ample room for the feet, removable insoles to customise the fit, and easily accessible large openings.

At Orthotic House, we understand the importance of finding the perfect footwear that works harmoniously with their daily activities and hobbies, guaranteeing support and style!

Check out our range below.

Orthotic House AFO Footwear Range


Healthy and happy feet are the base of an active lifestyle as children grow.

Unfortunately, untreated heel and ankle pain is a common ailment that can lead to reduced engagement with physical activities – something we want all kids to enjoy!
If chronic issues arise, timely diagnosis and treatment are essential for happy feet today – leading to healthier kids tomorrow.

Our team will work with all medical professionals to provide your child with the best possible care.

We have standard or customised orthotic shoes to assist with development and provide support and comfort for children with:

  • Disabilities
  • Heel pain/Sever’s disease
  • Talipes Equinovarus
  • Knock knees/Genu valgum
  • Bow Leg/Gene varum 
  • Excessive in-toeing or out-toeing gait
  • Flat feet or excessively high arches
  • Sports injuries
  • Growing pains
  • AFO’s


Be kind to your feet with customised Insoles

These incredible, customisable orthotic inserts are your shoes’ secret weapon.

No two insoles are alike, and finding the right one will revolutionise your child’s walking, running, playing and everything in between.

So say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a life filled with cushioned bliss! 

Check out some of the Orthotic House range below.

Orthotic House Kids Insoles Range

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