Paediatric Care

Orthotics solutions tailored for children

At Orthotic House, our specialists work with other medical professionals to give your child the best possible care. Our orthotic solutions provide an effective avenue for gentle treatment explicitly tailored to your youngster in need.

As your child grows and happily explores the world, it’s critical to be mindful of any signs of physical discomfort. By recognising these early on, you can ensure a playful childhood where your little one experiences complete freedom!

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How we work

Our team collaborates with GPs, paediatric specialists, and paediatric physiotherapists to offer expert orthotic treatment and footwear solutions for children. Trust us to provide your child with the best care possible.

We help with:

  • Misshapen baby heads
  • Developmental delay, cerebral palsy, spina bifida or hypertonia
  • Foot, heel and leg pain
  • Walking difficulties
    • Limping
    • Favouring one foot
    • Walking on the toes

Orthotic Products include:

How we help

Our expertise in orthotic treatment and footwear solutions is specifically designed to benefit children with injuries, sports related injuries, disabilities, and medical conditions that result in pain.

We’re here to provide the most effective and comprehensive solutions that will help your child recover, move and live comfortably.

  • Disabilities
  • Growing pains
  • Heel pain/Sever’s disease
  • Talipes Equinovarus
  • Knock knees/Genu valgum
  • Excessive in-toeing or out-toeing gait
  • Flat feet or excessively high arches

Orthotic Products include:

Who We Help

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