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We understand the feeling of discomfort when coping with an injury or condition. We aim to help you achieve long-term relief by providing effective orthotic treatment and tailored solutions. 

Orthotic House is a medical specialist in supportive bracing, custom orthotic solutions, compression garments, shoe insoles, and adaptive footwear.

Experience ultimate comfort with a professional orthotic fitting from our experts. Enhance your daily mobility today and say goodbye to discomfort.

At our clinics, we understand that reducing pain is crucial for our patients’ well-being. Our specialists not only provide tailored solutions and personalized care, but they also recommend orthotic devices that can alleviate discomfort and support the healing process. With kindness and understanding, we aim to make all the difference in your journey to health and happiness.

So let us be part of your journey towards relief!

Person trying on custom orthotic shoe insoles from podiatrists Hamilton & Hastings

Billy Footwear

Fashion & Function for all.

Billy Footwear creates shoes with zippers designed to be fashionable and functional, revolutionising how shoes are put on and taken off.

Friendly Shoes

The Shoe For All Abilities.

Friendly Shoes solve more types of footwear challenges than any other shoe technology by making fitted shoes simpler and easier to put on, and more enjoyable to wear.

Products & Services

 Enjoy 50+ Years of Orthotic Experience at Your Fingertips

Who We Help?

We welcome patients of all ages - Medical referrals, ACC referrals, Private patients 

Our team of medical professionals understand that each person we meet has unique needs.

We work hard to ensure every patient leaves with a personalised solution fitted by our experienced, knowledgeable specialists in an environment filled with friendly professionalism.

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Rated 4.9/5 based on hundreds of happy customers

Conditions We Treat

We care deeply about our patients, ensuring the best outcomes for you.

Reclaim your comfort with the help of our orthotics.
Whether you’re dealing with sore feet, joint pain or muscle aches – we’ve got solutions that will provide lasting relief!

Investing in professionally fitted orthoses is essential if you want to address the cause of underlying chronic pain and problems. Our expertise allows us to identify and fit which products are best suited for your individual situation.

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Rated 4.9/5 based on hundreds of happy customers