Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid Wasting Money on Ineffective Orthoses
  • Our feet are as unique as we are, and buying generic insoles won’t adequately address your needs or fit your sole’s mould. Off-the-shelf products are often soft, shock absorbing and provide little arch support.
  • Off-the-shelf orthoses typically have a shorter life span, may aggravate your condition, and will likely be ineffective.
  • A qualified professional must properly fit compression garments to maximise their benefits. Ill-fitting garments, either too tight or too loose, can actually worsen the situation.
  • Orthotists are the only medically trained professionals qualified in the assessment, design and fitting of orthoses (bracing, insoles, orthotic footwear).
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Common Misconceptions

Let’s clarify some common misconceptions surrounding orthotics and foot care.

Orthoses are NOT only insoles. They externally applied devices that are used to modify the structure and characteristics of the musculoskeletal system. Othoses are - Braces, AFO’s, insoles, footwear.

Orthotics will be helpful for anyone experiencing foot pain, leg pain, strains and aches, lower back pain, poor balance, poor circulation and arthritis, regardless of age.

Correctly fitted orthoses will never increase your pain.
Depending on what you need, your orthoses will be as soft or as firm as required to assist with your recovery.

Your feet will NOT become dependent on them. Custom foot orthoses provide essential support in key areas that improve function and/or limit excess motion that can otherwise cause stress to the foot.

Correctly fitted orthoses are EFFECTIVE. They will last longer and save you money in the long term.

Customised footwear does not have to threaten your fashion sense; we stock an extensive range of modern leisure, casual and dress shoes for children, women and men.

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