Meet Hendrik Schoonwinke

Lead Orthotist

From an early age, I had a passion for tinkering and crafting with my hands. As I pursued my dreams of becoming a medical professional, Orthotics & Prosthetics seemed like the perfect fit. I dedicated myself to learning as much as possible and gaining valuable experience before finally opening my own practice in 2016.

Throughout my journey, I found my calling in helping those with vascular issues and utilising compression stockings and braces for sports injuries. But what truly brings me joy is working collaboratively with a team to achieve the best outcomes for patients.

My love for technology drives me to constantly seek out new products that can improve the lives of those I serve. At the end of the day, nothing is more rewarding than seeing my patients thrive and knowing that I played a role in their success.

As a newcomer to New Zealand, I was thrilled to join the Orthotic House team in 2022. When I’m not putting my professional skills to use, I love getting my hands dirty with DIY projects and spending time with my loved ones. From the great outdoors to a night playing video games with my family, I value family time.

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