What is Orthotics?

Are you experiencing pain, discomfort or fatigue?

Orthotics is the medical practice of providing external devices to help realign your bones and muscles. It is an essential and multifaceted branch of medicine dedicated to helping individuals by applying supportive devices such as braces, custom orthotic devices, insoles, orthotic footwear and compression garments.

Good posture and alignment are essential components in sustaining health, and taking care of your skeletal balance now will help ensure that you enjoy maximum comfort for years to come.  We provide personalised orthotics explicitly catered to your needs. Whether it’s preventive care or treatment for an injury, we have the solution for you.

Our medical knowledge runs deep, built on three generations dedicated to providing compassionate care with unbeatable orthotic advice & solutions.

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How we help you

Experience professional Orthotic care.

Like people, not all orthoses are created the same – avoid expensive mistakes by choosing the experts the first time.

At Orthotic House, we understand everyone’s needs are different.

Using your lifestyle and activity levels as a guide, our qualified professionals will assess any potential threats, injuries or disabilities you may have, as well as your age, size and other medical conditions, to provide you with the best treatment plan that ensures a long-term positive outcome. 

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